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What is the 100% pure mink eyelashes?

Lots of customers want to order mink eyelashes, but do you know what is the 100% pure mink lashes? Also how to distinguish 100% pure mink lashes with faux mink lashes? Please read the following articles carefully, which will help you choose really high quality mink eyelashes.

Material of mink eyelashes

Our mink eyelash are 100% pure mink eyelashes from the young (1.5-2 years old) otter tails. And all the fur is from longest tails fur of otter. They will let the lashes more soft and natural longer. There’s no any cutting off or short hair. So our mink lashes are made by the best quality raw material, and ca reuse about 20-25 times. However, some other vendor use the cheapest raw material short fur, even the tips of mink hairs are broken. Then the cheaper mink eye lashes with bad material, will make our eyes unnatural and uncomfortable.

Technology of producing the mink eyelashes.

Our mink lashes are 100% pure mink, and all of them are hand make. We have the professional eyelash designers will design unique and attractive eyelashes according to market trends. Then the workers will produce the eyelashes by hand. Each worker will only be responsible for producing one mink lashes which will ensure the uniqueness and specificity of our eyelash style. Besides, one worker only produces about 10-20 pcs lashes one day. Therefore, they will carefully produce each pair of eyelashes, pure hand-made, absolutely guarantee the quality of our products.

The improvements of producing mink lashes.

mink eyelashes

Why choose New U Lashes? Why our pure mink lashes are unique? We control the curl of mink lashes via physical properties rather than the chemical treatment. Those mink lashes will no any odds, but if use the chemical treatment, the mink lashes will have some smell. But lots of the wholesaler would like to choose the chemical treatment, because its more cheaper cost and short time to make the lashes curl. While it does harmful of our health. Especially for the girls who wear false mink lashes everyday, its really no good choose.

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