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How to order mink eyelash sample?

Before our mink eyelash business, we would like to order some sample first. After test the quality, we can trust the vendors, and will order more next time.

But how to order the mink lashes sample first? Some vendors say they can offer freely sample, this is truth? Can we trust them?

Do you offer eyelash sample freely?

Lots of customers want to get the freely sample first. So begin the order , they will ask me:” Do you offer mink eyelashes sample freely?” Well, may be some vendors they can send you the freely sample, but the mink eyelash not really good quality for you. So they are freely! At the first time, some suppliers will send you the best quality of the mink eyelashes sample, so you love them. But next time, you would like to place the order to buy more, the mink eyelashes will be changed. The mink eyelashes will be replaced by the bad quality ones, not as the first sample. It’s really bad, therefore you will lose your clients and business. As we all know:”There is no such thing as a free lunch.” If we want to get the high quality mink eyelashes, then will have the high cost: hand making ,design, the packaging and shipping. So do you believe the freely sample ?

How to order the mink eyelash sample?

pure mink eyelash

First time, you can know some mink eyelash from website or Instagram. Then you will know which mink lashes are more popular now. And then you can think which mink eyelash do you really like, the pure mink eyelashes or faux mink eyelash? They are different, material and cost different, so price is different. The pure mink eyelashes are more higher quality, so price some higher. If you just want to pay 0.5-1.5 dollars, it must be faux mink lashes.

Secondly, choose the lashes company you are interested. Apply the catalog of the mink eyelash. And choose the lashes you like, send the supplier your order details. You can choose 4-6 pcs lashes as the sample first time. So that you can try some different styles mink lashes, meantime the shipping fee is same to you. Then the supplier will send you the total price table, you can check and pay it. As the sample order, shipping fee is about 25 dollars to USA, and the other European developed countries, shipping fee about 30 dollars. After 2-5 days, you can get your sample, so can try them.

If you want to know details, and would like to get the mink lashes sample first, you can contact with me. My whatsapp:+8615192538532

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