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How to wear the fake eyelashes?

In order to make our eyes more attractive and eyelashes thicker, women like to wear fake eyelashes. But it’s difficult for novice cosmetics. How to choose the suitable eyelashes, how to wear eyelashes, this is a new challenge for them. So I hope this article can help you solve these doubts.

Styles for fake eyelashes .

Median Longer Eyelashes

This style fits round eyes. If you want to lengthen your eyes and optimize the proportion of your face, choose a lengthened eye tail. It can fill the gap between the tail of the eye and the temple. This lengthened tail also looks more feminine.

Eye tail longer eyelashes

If you have slender eyes and want to enlarge them, choose the middle length and short sides. The effect will be more lovely.

Wear more appropriate eyelashes in different places

Fake eyelashes during daily life

If it is daily commuting, i recommend you to choose more natural fake eyelashes. Then will make your eyes more natural pretty, and let the lashes natural longer. Won’t have a strong sense of makeup.

Fake eyelashes during the party

If the party, you can choose some long and thick fake eyelashes, with more complete eye makeup, more enlarged eyes. This will make you the focus of the whole audience.

dramatic fake eyelashes

Steps for wearing fake eyelashes

  1. Firstly, clip your eyelashes and soften the eyelash stalk .
  2. Compare the length of your eyes and eyelashes and trim the long eyelashes stalks.
  3. Spread glue on false eyelashes and blow 2-3 times. Wait for the glue to dry a little, then paste, so that the stickiness is stronger.
  4. Use tweezers to attach false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes. Keep the false eyelashes at a distance from the front of the eye, so it won’t prick the eyes and it’s not easy to open the gel. First apply the middle part of the false eyelashes, then the head/tail of the eye.
  5. After the glue has dried, take the eyelash curler and clip the true-false eyelashes, adjust the curl to the desired curl. Then brush less mascara.
Steps for wearing false eyelashes
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How to order mink eyelash sample?

Before our mink eyelash business, we would like to order some sample first. After test the quality, we can trust the vendors, and will order more next time.

But how to order the mink lashes sample first? Some vendors say they can offer freely sample, this is truth? Can we trust them?

Do you offer eyelash sample freely?

Lots of customers want to get the freely sample first. So begin the order , they will ask me:” Do you offer mink eyelashes sample freely?” Well, may be some vendors they can send you the freely sample, but the mink eyelash not really good quality for you. So they are freely! At the first time, some suppliers will send you the best quality of the mink eyelashes sample, so you love them. But next time, you would like to place the order to buy more, the mink eyelashes will be changed. The mink eyelashes will be replaced by the bad quality ones, not as the first sample. It’s really bad, therefore you will lose your clients and business. As we all know:”There is no such thing as a free lunch.” If we want to get the high quality mink eyelashes, then will have the high cost: hand making ,design, the packaging and shipping. So do you believe the freely sample ?

How to order the mink eyelash sample?

pure mink eyelash

First time, you can know some mink eyelash from website or Instagram. Then you will know which mink lashes are more popular now. And then you can think which mink eyelash do you really like, the pure mink eyelashes or faux mink eyelash? They are different, material and cost different, so price is different. The pure mink eyelashes are more higher quality, so price some higher. If you just want to pay 0.5-1.5 dollars, it must be faux mink lashes.

Secondly, choose the lashes company you are interested. Apply the catalog of the mink eyelash. And choose the lashes you like, send the supplier your order details. You can choose 4-6 pcs lashes as the sample first time. So that you can try some different styles mink lashes, meantime the shipping fee is same to you. Then the supplier will send you the total price table, you can check and pay it. As the sample order, shipping fee is about 25 dollars to USA, and the other European developed countries, shipping fee about 30 dollars. After 2-5 days, you can get your sample, so can try them.

If you want to know details, and would like to get the mink lashes sample first, you can contact with me. My whatsapp:+8615192538532

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What is the 100% pure mink eyelashes?

Lots of customers want to order mink eyelashes, but do you know what is the 100% pure mink lashes? Also how to distinguish 100% pure mink lashes with faux mink lashes? Please read the following articles carefully, which will help you choose really high quality mink eyelashes.

Material of mink eyelashes

Our mink eyelash are 100% pure mink eyelashes from the young (1.5-2 years old) otter tails. And all the fur is from longest tails fur of otter. They will let the lashes more soft and natural longer. There’s no any cutting off or short hair. So our mink lashes are made by the best quality raw material, and ca reuse about 20-25 times. However, some other vendor use the cheapest raw material short fur, even the tips of mink hairs are broken. Then the cheaper mink eye lashes with bad material, will make our eyes unnatural and uncomfortable.

Technology of producing the mink eyelashes.

Our mink lashes are 100% pure mink, and all of them are hand make. We have the professional eyelash designers will design unique and attractive eyelashes according to market trends. Then the workers will produce the eyelashes by hand. Each worker will only be responsible for producing one mink lashes which will ensure the uniqueness and specificity of our eyelash style. Besides, one worker only produces about 10-20 pcs lashes one day. Therefore, they will carefully produce each pair of eyelashes, pure hand-made, absolutely guarantee the quality of our products.

The improvements of producing mink lashes.

mink eyelashes

Why choose New U Lashes? Why our pure mink lashes are unique? We control the curl of mink lashes via physical properties rather than the chemical treatment. Those mink lashes will no any odds, but if use the chemical treatment, the mink lashes will have some smell. But lots of the wholesaler would like to choose the chemical treatment, because its more cheaper cost and short time to make the lashes curl. While it does harmful of our health. Especially for the girls who wear false mink lashes everyday, its really no good choose.

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Mink lashes : How to create your private logo ?

Creating private logo on mink lashes, what can we do ? As we all know, create a brand will help our business, will let more customers know our products. Like many international brands have so many customer choices because of their popularity. So if we want to have fruitful achievements in mink eyelashes, the brand is very important to us. But how to do that and find the Best Fake Eyelashes Supplies? Don’t worry, New U Lashes can help you to let it come true.

Mink lashes sample will be sent out first time!

For the first time, before creating a brand of mink lashes, we need to find a reliable supplier to ensure that they can provide good quality and low price goods, as well as private customized packaging services.

New U Lashes offer sample service for all of the new clients first time. Because we want more customers to try our products for the first time, to test the quality, style and packaging effect of the products. This will increase the trust of our customers, also let our customers choose the product that they really like.

However other suppliers do not provide mink lashes sample services, only accept private customization of large orders. Because their product quality is not good enough, mostly a hammer sale. This will cost customers a lot of money and time, but we will not have such a problem. Only if you like our mink lashes samples and are willing to continue to cooperate with us, can we be able to make your private packing order next.

So you just tell me which mink lashes do you like, we can send you mink lashes sample first. Also we can send you the eyelash packaging cases sample too. If you like the eyelash packaging cases, we can do your mink eyelashes customized packaging cases next time. It will let you try more lashes quality and styles, help you to choose the mink eyelash you really like, and won’t spend lots of money.

What’s the MOQ if create mink lashes private logo?

mink lashes with private packaging case

Lots of customers just start their mink lashes business. They don’t have so large order now. Then how can do private logo? New U Lashes can help you to resolve this problem.

Also the time of producing mink eyelashes and doing private packaging just needs a few days, and we will send the products by fast shipping DHL or Fedex, can send to all around the world, and shipping time just 2-4 days to USA.

If do private packaging cases with your logo, our MOQ is just 100 pcs. Using the machine to print your logo on the cases,it will looks more professional and attractive.

But some customers may be cannot order 100 pcs mink lashes one time, what should do that? Don’t worry, we can do logo sticker for you if you like, then we can accept smaller orders for custom packaging.

Accept design mink lashes private logo service.

Some customers want to do their private packaging, but they don’t have their logo now. so what can they do? New U Lashes can do that for you.

We can design your private logo freely for you if you have been our customers, and we have the professional Artistic Designer, they can design the logo and label according to your like. Besides, our factory will send you the Customized design manuscript before producing, until you are satisfied with them.

Therefore if you want to do your private packaging cases please feel free to contact me. The producing time is amazing, just few days after confirmation the order, and can send to all around the world.

New U Lashes is the profession exporting mink lashes and regular lashes tools. We have been majored in exporting lashes for many years. We have a lots of different products. Such as: pure mink 3D mink strip eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes, individual eyelashes extensions, eyelash glue, lash tweezers, eye patch, eyelash brushes, lip brushes… ect. We have our own factory, wholesale mink lashes and lash tools of good quality with cheaper price. All of our products we can make your private logo and private packaging.

Why choose New U Lashes?

In order to let more new customers try our products first time, we can offer sample to them. And help you to choose which eyelashes you like. e will send your goods by the fast shipping DHL or Fedex, which will be more safe, good service and shorter shipping time for all of our customers. Unlike other suppliers send the products by the cheapest shipping logistics company. Although the shipping fee is some lower, the logistics company is not so good, and shipping time is too longer, sometimes will let our customers wait longer time maybe 20-30 days.

In addition the cheaper shipping more likely to encounter customs problems, but the logistics company won’t help you to resolve this problem. More terrible is that sometimes the customer will lose their package! It’s really bad! So we won’t let our clients meet so much transportation problem. We will try our best to let our customers get products with best service meantime.

My dear friend, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me. I promise you would like to cooperate with you. You can contact me via WhatsApp:+8615192538532. And i will send you more details, also our products videos to you. Thanks for your time, wish you have a wonderful day, and looking forward to your message.